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You may or may not have experienced an increase in cost for your generic medication(s). In recent months all pharmacies have experienced a tremendous increase in their cost for generic medications, some medications that have been around for decades!! And when we say an increase, we mean an increase typically between 300%-1000%!

So what does this mean for you as the patient? Well, if you pay for your prescriptions out of pocket with no insurance your monthly pharmacy expense may become increasingly higher. If you have insurance, you may find that your insurance rejects payment until your doctor gives further authorization by requesting the insurance pay for this particular drug; or your medication may step up to the next tier.

Sadly, there is not much we, as a pharmacy, can do at the moment. We promise to provide you the best possible pricing available at our pharmacy. However, we understand this may not be enough. We will also work with you, your doctor, and your insurance company to determine if another generic is available and is more cost effective. Whatever the circumstances, we as a pharmacy, are here for you, the patient, to ensure you are taken care of and receiving the best possible outcome from your medications.

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You probably know someone that has been effected by the flu late last year or already in 2015. It is evident the 2014-2015 flu season is upon us. Typically, January and February are the months when we see the worst outbreak of the flu, however, this past December was one of the worst flu months in years. The CDC explained as of December all key flu indicators are elevated and activity will continue to increase during the coming weeks.

It is recommended that individuals who have not received their flu vaccination to still do so, as it may still protect from other strains of flu viruses. We encourage you to receive your vaccination next time you are in the pharmacy or schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.

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