Discount Generics

My MediCenter Club

We care about every aspect of your health and wellness and we are dedicated to providing everyone with the finest pharmacy care available. By signing up for the My MediCenter Club you are able to receive discounted medications, which include branded and generic drugs.

Minimize your pharmacy expenses

  • Discounts on generics
  • Free daily multi-vitamins for children and adults
  • Discounted Diabetic Testing Supplies
  • Savings on medications not covered by insurance
  • Great savings on all pet medications prescribed by a veterinarian

Who can enroll?

Our program is open to people of all ages. And it’s ideal for people without prescription drug benefits or those with inadequate coverage. People who receive healthcare benefits from Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE are not eligible.

Is this program the same as an insurance benefit?

No. This program is not an insurance benefit. This program is a Prescription Savings Club that offers voluntary enrollment and provides exclusive discounts on prescription medications.

Save Money at MediCenter

Save money at MediCenter with low-cost medications and receive the service you deserve. Call us for details.